Hello all you amazing SSS students!

Victoria here, looking to catch you up on some of our recent activities! A lot has happened this past semester. First of all, I was hired! My name is Victoria Smith and I’m so excited to be a part of UAF’s Student Support Services team. I have been a participant in one TRiO program or another for the past decade, and I come to you from the wonderful UAF Office of Admissions and the Registrar! So I have a solid background both in the SSS program and in university navigation. Well that’s enough about me, now for some other updates!



As many of you know, our office has undergone quite a lot of construction throughout the last semester. The good news is that the worst is over! We have a newly remodeled computer lab, and our tutoring center is looking better than ever! Jen Bergstrom, our Math Coordinator, is joining us upstairs in an office that was created over break. We’re looking forward having the gang all together on one floor!





Ginny, our Director, is out of the office this semester on brand new baby duty (YAY!), so we’ve hired Charlie Parr as a temporary advisor in the office. Don’t be surprised if you see another new face around when you get back on campus for the Spring semester!


We recently put together a team of 5 SSS participants called the Student Advisory Council. Tristian Hall, Ben Hurlock, MeKayla Williams, Henry Tang and Fanta Lee-Sankoh have worked very hard this semester to give us feedback on the various different services we offer. In addition to this, they have also helped raise funds so that we could purchase a water cooler (which in the end was donated) and have fresh clean water delivered for all SSS students. Check out this beautiful beast!



Well that about sums up what I have for you this time. Until next time: “Keep your stick on the ice. And remember, I’m pullin’ for ya. We’re all in this together!” – The Red Green Show


Victoria Smith

Academic Advisor


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