Hi! Sarah here. We had another fun event a couple of weeks ago when students and staff joined me at my home to enjoy some outdoor games and a BBQ. It was a fun time with ladder golf and disc throwing. I thought both of these games would be fairly easy to play, but it took some skill and technique to get them figured out. The students who participated seemed to understand the rules better than me, because they did well at both games. We enjoyed some hamburgers, hot dogs, potato salad, chips, and watermelon. The weather held long enough for us to play a few rounds and then we headed inside where we were entertained by my dogs, Lucy and Smokey, who thought everyone was present to entertain them! Thank you to the students who participated and we look forward to having a great turn out for a hike up Angel Rocks on Friday, August 24,from 10-5. If you haven’t signed up to join us, please see Jessica or Megan at the front desk and get signed up!

Ladder Golf

Students enjoying a game of ladder golf in Sarah’s backyard.

Sarah and Nick playing Ladder Golf.

Students attempting washers. This game is tougher than it looks.

Ginny playing washers.

On another note:

Besides taking classes or a BBQ here or there, what about this summer have you enjoyed the most? For me, it has been enjoying this great state we live in, including an exciting trip down the Denali highway where I saw glaciers and not my first grizzly bear, but my first THREE grizzly bears! We were camping off the Denali highway when my dog, Smokey, became quite alert. It was at that point that we noticed he had taken great interest in three grizzly bears climbing up a hill about 200 yards away from our camp. Luckily, he just stared at them, probably knowing on some level, that he should not draw attention to himself. I was not too thrilled to see them so close, but we stayed the night and everyone was safe and sound. My dad, who was visiting from out of town, was pretty nervous about staying the night in a tent since this was also his first close bear sighting!

If you have a fun story, or just want to give an update on your summer, drop me a line @ and I will post it in our blog. I hope we get to enjoy some sun our remaining  few weeks of summer!



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