Adventures in Interning!

Hello all!

This is an update from Sean Crawford, one of our amazing premed students!

“During my winter break in the fall of 2012 at University of Alaska Fairbanks I had the opportunity to go to New York City and intern at Beth Israel Hospital, ranked nationally for its cardiac surgery department and for the outstanding staff and medical professionals that work there. During my internship, I shadowed a doctors in the Operating Room and watching a variety of heart operations. At first, I didn’t think I could handle such a stressful and intense situation, but then I found out how easy-going everyone is in the OR. The community of medical professionals in the Cardiothoratic surgery department was very welcoming and light hearted. They listened to music during surgeries and carry conversation about family and other current events. I learned about the heart and how it operates within the human body. I also learned about the positions of each individual in the OR and why it is so essential to have a great team and community to really make a difference. I enjoyed the time I spent in the OR and feel that it really changed my opinion of surgeons. Doing the internship only intensified my passion for medicine and reassured me that there is nothing more in life I would like to do than to practice medicine for the rest of my life.”

Thanks Sean!

Interested in the premed route? Contact Donald Crocker in the Academic Advising Center at (907) 474-7806 or

Victoria Smith

Academic Advisor


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